A little pain that became a little more

I am a professional portrait digital artist. Over the years while creating my art work on my iMac , Powerbook , iPad etc I noticed ( or my wife noticed ) that my left shoulder was ’rounded’ . I could see it but never really paid much attention to it. The past 4 or 5 years I started to feel consistent pain near my left shoulder blade, and shoulder, and later neck. I soon recognized that it was from the way I was sitting, slouching, leaning in my chair. Rather than seeing a specialist and paying huge doctor fees, I stumbled upon what can be called rising desks, or elevated desks. To get one of these rising desks meant I needed to trash my oak L shaped desk and file drawers. These have not been moved in over 15 years. There was a lot more to do in preparation for ordering a elevated desk. I didn’t really care for their appearance that much anyway. A composite slab and usually white. Just looking at it fully raised I felt that I would eventually trip over one of their legs. So I started to look for a beautifully crafted wood desk that would rise for standing with my laptop. Not one existed, not one. So the question was why not make my own? Once I did , the ball started to bounce around in my head like a pinball why not make my own portable wood elevated stand. But I’m getting ahead of myself quite a bit. Below is the real first attempt, not at elevating my laptop, but elevating my iMac 27″. This consisted of precision cut 2 x 4’s as you can see. A metal router table. An old camera box.  Some particle board. This would actually hold all of my ‘stuff’. My 27″ iMac, My Wacom Tablet, My external hard drives, a keyboard,and a mouse and a external DVD drive. This is how it all started the summer of 2015.

I was in so much pain

I was in so much pain that something

had to be done!

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