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Advantages Advanatages Benefits :Mouse and Monitor Stand Part 1

June 27, 2016

Advantages and Benefits of the Mouse and Monitor Stand

All American Made


  1. exchanging pain for gain
  2. you will loose weight
  3. improve your well being
  4. Keep your existing Desk
  5. Free Delivery within 100 Miles of Ann Arbor


  1. My Mouse and Monitor Stand will add elegance to your office, work or at home
  2. The craftsmanship is world class
  3. I will coach you through the process of change.
  4. Dovetails and Craftsmanship is guaranteed for 20 Years
  5.  Made Exactly for your height


  1. 3/4 Thick Wood.
  2. Built to last for a lifetime
  3. Maple, Walnut, White Ash, Cherry , and yes Painted
  4. With our without inlays that can be added for distinction.
  5. Standard as well as custom sizes.




Need to chat now: 517 6721 2198 .

Please copy to your browser to view pricing: http://www.djpavlica.com/?product=practical-full-monitor-mouse-and-monitor-stand

View Pricing Here

If you are uncomfortable in ordering online I will take checks. Please contact me by phone for more information.

This Fox is in Pain

1 LR Stop The Pain Color dipvlica

This Fox Exchanged Pain For Gain

dipvlicaL Signature Patent Pending Color R 2

Two Versions: Laptop and Full Monitor

Many Heights


Laptop Version below

Free Delivery within 100 miles of Ann Arbor MiSide view IMG_1944

Why throw away your old desk when you don’t need to.


These suction cups help the stand from sliding all over the placeSuction Cups IMG_1651

Full Monitor Version

Free Delivery Within 100 Miles of Ann Arbor Mi

Full Monitor Versions BelowSide View IMG_1953

My Mouse and Monitor Stands™ with Dovetails

The above is a Vertical Dovetail

All American Made

Made In Michigan

Fully Inspected by Don Pavlica

Rising Desk

Free Deliver within 100 Miles of Ann Arbor

Elevated Desk

A Free Print of any of my Nature Sharing Birds is available.

Please call me if you prefer ordering by check

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