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A Blue Jay Day

July 13, 2016

A Blue Jay Day and a routing day has me heading in two different directions at once. Unfortunately the templates that I used were not what I expected. I would think that if I ordered 3.5″ square templates, and it states on all 5 as being 3.5″ x 3.5″ on each and every template. However to my surprise they were much bigger than 3.5″ squares. Closer to 4″. I contacted the supplier and we will attempt to work things out today ( this morning ).

So lets brighten up the day by looking at a few photos and also some comments about the Mouse and Monitor Stand™.

A Blue Jay Day yesterday. All are ©djpavlica 2016.

If you would like a free his resolution copy I’ll gladly send you one. Should you prefer one framed or gallery wrapped rest assured I can provide that as well.





If you have been following my posts on the inherent danger that looms around those who sit for hours every day, in front of a computer monitor. After 10 years you loose about 7 years of your life. Also this increases your risks of dying by heart disease by 64% and your overall risk of prostate or breast cancer by 30%,. This is chilling news.

I can help.

I make a best in class stand out of most any type of wood and to date all have been made with dovetails. They are exquisite. Every dovetail is meticulously routed by a cnc machine which means that they are as close to perfection as you can imagine. Assembled , and lacquer sprayed by professionals who know what they are doing. I leave nothing to chance. This is a beautiful piece of furniture. I carry in stock unfinished Mouse and Monitor Stands that will accommodate anyone  from 5’6 to 6’0″ and have a desk that is about 30″ tall. If you would like once just for a laptop and a bit smaller than the full monitor stand that is also in stock.


Below is a Mouse and Monitor Stand in use at one of my customers.



Below I show the work of precise finishing with dovetails.




Please copy and paste into your browser the link below for product and pricing information.



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