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Grind and Polish Those Jeep Rims Dandy

August 13, 2016

When all else fails grab the grinder, polisher, abrasives, duct tape, the clear coat. I know this is not about wood, or my Mouse and Monitor Stand. But it is about me.

Now I wish that I would have taken more pics. The Grind and Polish to about 4 or so hours on each rim. Probably closer to 6 hours.

What started out as wanting to create something special on our Jeep other than detailing and chip fixes I started this project and seven days later I put a smile on my face.

Here is what I started out with: Bad case of acne scabs



Oh my on all areas of the rim! Zit City

Before MG_2029


Masking with 3M 17 Mil Duct Tape all over including where the rubber touches up to the rim. Time consuming and yes that’s ten masks on the id and the around the rim. This photo shows just one mask. But you get the drift. Grinding tools , abrasives, and me needing a steady hand for the edges don’t mix very well. One slip and my … well it could turn out to be a mess on the insdie whewre I need to keep the integrity of the paint as is.

Masking IMG_2032


As an artists paints or sculpts things very slowly came into place for the grind. Then into the rim cavities with a narrow belt. I was sweating like a pig going into slaughter.

Job done !

Good job oh Dandy One


Finished IMG_2034


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