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Happy and content here in Michigan

July 5, 2016

Today I am going to cover my bird photography and additions to my Mouse and monitor Stand.

We have the best wetlands for birding. This is why I am Happy and content here in Michigan. I just realized that yesterday while observing the action, flights, and what birds are more dominant. I have concluded that the Blue Jay moves anyone they desire from our feeders ( we now have four feeders). I am going to study them more and more and discover ‘who moves them’.

But for the moment yesterday I was determined to photograph the smaller birds which I did. This is a Chirping Sparrow. The smaller birds present many challenges. A. They are hard to find away from the feeders. B. They are quick and fast and often I miss the shot. I use a 150-600 Tamron Lens and set it on a/f and anywhere from 600-4000. The lens is locked at 150. I open the lock then start to zero in on the little birds. Below is an example.Chirping-Sparrow

Huge upgrade to the Mouse and Monitor Stand

This week I should receive my tiles for my Mouse and Monitor Stand™ and use the tiles as inlays either on the top platform or along the sides. I have my square templates 3.5 x 3.5.

This certainly will add to my artist side of my mind for the Mouse and Monitor Stand™. I can have these in any color you choose.Below is my starting point. The gold tile matches nicely with either the Maple wood or Ash stands.



Additionally I have selected the clear style as shown below.Lumina_Group_1


Fly Pain Free

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