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Prototypes of Mouse and Monitor Stand™ available

June 29, 2016

Two prototypes of the Mouse and Monitor Stand™ are now available. One that I just stopped using this week and the other was used for taking measurements. Please see below photographs of the stand that I had been using.Side View Laptop

Full Monitor Version 2 19 16_bak

The above photos is the one that I just stopped using. The bottom platform is loaded with felt dots which was used to prevent scratches. These is not on any type of drawer slide but one ( shown above ) has a vertical brake to prevent the platform from tilting. I will add a slide at my costs if you so desire. Clean as a whistle as they say. Should you have any questions please contact me at 517 672 2198 to leave a message. They are 5/8″ thick maple. 36″ Wide and 22″ Deep. Both are also 13″ tall. So if you have a desk 30″ tall  and are just about 5’10 this could be the perfect fit.Ink marks are apparent on one from measuring marks. All purchases are final and for pick up only.

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